From the streets to affordable housing, Shelters of Saratoga provides a full continuum of homeless services for individuals seeking a better future.


Athlete, Optimist, Mentor

“Sometimes life gives you a reality check and for me this was SOS. With all of the support from the staff and community, I was determined to show anyone looking I could and would do better. Since staying at SOS, I now have stable housing, was awarded employee of the month, and have obtained my cosmetology license. I realize that where there is no struggle, there is no progress.”


Baker, Writer, Leader

“My past doesn’t define me and neither does what other people say about me. What defines me is what I do with the problems that come my way. I am proud that I’ve been able to get an apartment all on my own, find a second job, and realize that I can take care of myself again.”


Survivor, Mom, Graduate

“I am intelligent, compassionate, honest and hard working. I’ve made some bad choices in my life, but I’m still learning and growing and hope to become a productive member of society again – have a job, car and give back.”


Biker, Father, Role Model

“SOS looks at you as a person who has fallen on hard times and offers positive feedback and support to aid those in need of shelter, employment and other support as we rebuild our lives regardless of our individual circumstances.”


Artist, Welder, Father

“I am finding myself in this time and fixing what is broken. SOS has given me a chance to start over and reset my life. I hope to have a job and place to bring my children to visit me that I can proudly say is mine.”


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