By designating Shelters of Saratoga as the beneficiary of your fundraising event you can be part of the solution to end homelessness in the greater Saratoga region. For example, a group of students baked and sold cupcakes at Maple Ave Middle School and generously donated the proceeds to SOS. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

At Work or School

  • Lunch Challenge: Challenge your coworkers, student body, etc. to bring their lunch to work or school one day a week, and donate the money they have saved to SOS. You can also challenge them to forfeit their morning coffee.
  • Jeans Day: Instead of more formal attire, staff or students can pay to wear jeans!
  • Toiletry Collection: Do you frequently travel for work or school? Save the small toiletries that most hotels leave in the bathroom for guest use. These are very valuable for our houseguests as well as those individuals we come in contact with through Mobile Outreach.


  • Fund Drive: Challenge others at your office, on campus, or with friends online to participate in a fund or food drive for SOS.  Encourage them to get involved  by donating money or goods to benefit SOS and by inviting their friends and family, too.
  • Birthday Gifts: In lieu of gifts, ask your friends, family and coworkers to donate toiletries, clothing or money to SOS in honor of your birthday.

Littlest Entrepreneurs

  • Car Wash: Organize a car wash and donate proceeds to Union Station.
  • Lemonade and Cookie Stand: Get the kids involved in a fun and innovative way while instilling the values of philanthropy at a young age!

To support your event, Shelters of Saratoga is happy to:

Provide: brochures, fact sheets and logos (We respectfully request final approval
of promotional materials)
Attend: Your event and talk about the organization, if time permits
Promote: On our email blasts, website and social media

Do you have feedback, more even suggestions, photos or a story about an amazing event you’ve hosted? Let us know! Email

Third Party Event Policy