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mitzen gift
Ed and Lisa Mitzen, Marcy Dreimiller – Shelters of Saratoga – Board President; Michael Finocchi – Shelters of Saratoga – Executive Director

February 14, 2017

Shelters of Saratoga has announced a gift by the Mitzen family to build a new Code Blue homeless shelter
New Facility to open by next winter

Shelters of Saratoga has announced that the Mitzen family will pay for the costs of a new Code Blue homeless shelter to be built on the current Shelters of Saratoga property at 14 Walworth Street. The new shelter is expected to be open by next winter.

For the past few years, the shelter has had temporary residence at St. Peter’s Parish Center, the Salvation Army building and the Soul Saving Station Church in downtown Saratoga Springs.

Initial plans call for a two-story building with large kitchen, laundry room, men’s and women’s sleeping rooms, multiple showers and bathrooms, a large storage area for donated food and clothing, and a small Code Blue office. Bonacio Construction will be handling all the construction and appropriate permits, with assistance from the LA Group, and both have agreed to forego any profits to keep the costs as low as possible.

Code Blue is a walk-in, emergency homeless shelter that offers a hot meal and a warm and safe place to sleep when temperatures in the city are below 32 degrees or there is significant snow fall.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the generosity of the Mitzens and can’t wait to get started on this critical project. Our goal is to have the new building operational byNovember 1, 2017,” said Michael Finocchi, Executive Director. “It is our belief that having Code Blue in close proximity to the case managed shelters maximizes the opportunity for Shelters of Saratoga to provide the full continuum of homeless services to the individuals we serve. This project will allow us to more easily connect homeless individuals with the support services they need, including case management, mental health counseling, and alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Our ultimate goal is to get them stable and housed.” Over the past 4 years, 36 individuals who have used Code Blue services have successfully transitioned into the Shelters of Saratoga case managed shelter.

Finocchi continued, “This phenomenal gift solves the consistent challenge we have faced over the last few years of providing a permanent home for Code Blue. We can now focus on our fundraising efforts to secure community support in addition to local and state government funding to cover the operational expenses, which are necessary to successfully run the Code Blue program and other instrumental Shelters of Saratoga homeless programs.”

Since November 2016, Code Blue has been open 79 nights and 15 days. The program relies heavily on the over 200 volunteers to help staff both day and evening shifts. Volunteers assist with such tasks as meal preparation, set up and clean up.

“Ed and I have been two of the many volunteers at Code Blue over the years. We have seen firsthand the challenges of the prior buildings and feel a new facility built for Code Blue would allow for better care of the guests. We are truly so thrilled to be able to help the community in this way,” said Lisa Mitzen.

“Our family feels incredibly blessed to be able to help others,” said Ed Mitzen. “We recognize that Code Blue has been a community effort, and it is our belief that this new building will further the care of the homeless in our area. We hope that the city government comes together and expedites all the proper zoning and approval requirements, so we can get the shelter built quickly and efficiently. We also want to send a huge thank you to Sonny Bonacio of Bonacio Construction and Mike Ingersoll of the LA Group for stepping up to help see this project through.”

The mission of Shelters of Saratoga is to provide individuals with safe shelter, support services and sustainable strategies to end homelessness in the Greater Saratoga region.  For more information, please contact Michael Finocchi at Shelters of Saratoga at 518-581-1097 or visit



June 6, 2016


Homeless Services Remain Vital During Warmer Months

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY, June 6, 2016 – The needs of those impacted by homelessness do not lessen during the warmer seasons.  From the streets to affordable housing, Shelters of Saratoga (SOS) provides a full continuum of homeless services for individuals seeking a better future.

“Individuals living on the street, including the chronically homeless and at-risk youth, are harder to reach and get lost in the shuffle,” stated Michael Finocchi, SOS executive director.  “This population does not have the support and skills necessary to navigate the services available to meet their needs so they can safely exit the streets.”

To tackle this complex issue, SOS has increased its presence on the street through its Outreach program and through its Drop-In Center held at its 20 Walworth Street, Saratoga Springs location. The goal of these programs are to serve as a conduit between the streets, and facilitate movement towards stability and permanent, independent living. They supplement the SOS Code Blue emergency shelter and case managed shelter programs.

The SOS Outreach Program, which made 167 contacts in May 2016, has two primary components – Street Outreach and Motel Outreach. Deanna Hensley, the SOS Outreach Coordinator, has a presence Monday through Friday on the streets.  As she makes her way on foot along the streets of Saratoga and through local parks, Hensley develops relationships with the homeless individuals she regularly encounters. “You never know when someone will decide that they no longer want to be homeless,” said Hensley.

This program meets critical needs by providing food, clothing, shoes and personal care products. Hensley also educates the homeless men, women and youth she works with about the services available to them, which will ultimately help them move toward stability and self-determination. These contacts serve as a conduit to the SOS Drop-in Center and case managed shelter.

Hensley visits families and adults temporarily lodged in outlying motels in the Greater Saratoga region. Critical supplies and connections to resources are provided to them as needed.

In December 2015, SOS initiated an adult drop-in program. The goal is to assist homeless men and women with finding potential housing options, as there are no other such services being offered within the Saratoga Springs region. The average attendance at the drop-in is 33 guests per month. With Thursday being added as an additional drop-in day at the end of May, it’s anticipated this number will increase significantly.

The green bandana tied to the 20 Walworth Street porch indicates that the drop-in center is open. Hours of operation are Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  The drop-in provides a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment where participants can get something to eat, take a shower, and do laundry. Individuals have access to personal care items, clothing, sleeping bags and other essential items at any time at the 14 Walworth Street shelter.  Most importantly, Andrea Behan, SOS Drop-In Coordinator, works with drop-in attendees to gain access to critical resources and researching housing and employment options.

“Providing a positive first contact either on the street or at the Drop-In Center, let’s the individuals accessing these services know that these programs are safe,” stated Finocchi. “This will increase the likelihood that they will seek further assistance.”

During the summer months, SOS typically sees a drop in the number of donations it receives. If the community would like to become involved, some of the items needed to support the current demands within these critical programs include:  new men’s underwear, new men’s tees, nutritious grab and go foods (e.g. protein bars or peanut butter crackers), pop top cans of soup and fruit, water, and sports drinks.

Shelters of Saratoga is a non-profit organization which provides individuals with safe shelter, support services and sustainable strategies to end homelessness in the Greater Saratoga region.


May 24, 2016

Code Blue Saratoga Seeking New Location

Shelters of Saratoga would like to extend its gratitude for your support of Code Blue Saratoga, emergency shelter. On May 24, 2016, The Salvation Army announced they would not renew the contract for the upcoming 2016-2017 season. For the last two seasons, The Salvation Army Worship and Community Center located at 27 Woodlawn Avenue, Saratoga Springs has provided safe respite for those who were homeless during periods of hazardous winter weather.

We understand The Salvation Army’s position with the growing demands of this program. In light of the new regulations implemented by the Governor’s Executive Order 151, which directed emergency shelters to operate when temperatures dropped below 32 degrees, it is expected that there will be an increased number of Code Blue days and nights in the coming season.

Shelters of Saratoga, the City of Saratoga and other local agencies are invested in the future of this program. While no immediate plans are in place, efforts will be underway to locate a suitable location for the Code Blue 2016-17 season.


February 1, 2016

Executive Order No. 151
On January 3, 2016, Governor Cuomo signed executive Order No. 151 to protect homeless individuals during inclement winter weather where temperatures decline to 32 degrees or below. SOS and the Code Blue Saratoga Steering Committee are working closely with the City of Saratoga Springs, county and state agencies to initiate a plan that would accommodate the new protocols.

For the time being, the Code Blue shelter will continue activating on nights predicted for 20 degrees or below and /or 12 inches of snow, as forecasted by The year-round, one day per week SOS Adult Drop-In Center, which opened in November 2015, will continue to serve individuals living on the street by providing them with a safe location to shower, launder their clothes, get something to eat and to connect with critical resources. Options for expanding both of these programs are being explored, however each requires adequate space, manpower and financial resources to do so.

Want to take action? Here are some ways you can help:

  • Contact your local and state officials
  • Continue supporting Code Blue and SOS financially
  • Volunteer your time at one of these two critically needed programs

SOS and Code Blue Saratoga are very grateful for the community’s generous support of these vital programs through volunteerism, financial and in-kind contributions.