IMG_5560Our shelters provide a home-like environment where houseguests have a safe, structured and sober place to stay.  They are provided with all the amenities of home – a comfortable place to sleep, nutritious meals and much more.  Our shelters can house up to 35 men and women over 18 years of age who are currently homeless.  

Houseguest’s have a chance to catch their breath at the shelter. When homeless, it’s hard to focus on anything other than “where will I sleep tonight?” Taking that question out of the equation for a period of time allows houseguests to focus on improving themselves, their current state (physical, financial) and their future plans. We provide individualized support through weekly case management sessions that help identify and utilize support services that focus on specific needs, such as mental health counseling or drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. We also work with houseguests to help them gain independence and stability by assisting them in locating employment, educational opportunities and permanent housing solutions.

During a houseguest’s stay,  they are expected to follow all house rules including:

  • Participating in daily chores to enhance their performance of life skills
  • Volunteering to emphasize the importance of assisting others
  • Leaving the house weekdays from 9am to 4pm to explore employment
    and housing opportunities
  • Maintaining a nightly curfew
  • Meeting with case managers twice a week for support and guidance
  • Participating in weekly house meetings