Shelters of Saratoga (SOS) is pleased to announce a partnership with The Business for Good Foundation to provide affordable apartments with support services to low-income residents. The Foundation gifted long-term use of the building at 1 Franklin Square, Saratoga Springs, to build the availability of supportive and affordable housing in the city.

“The gift works to fill the community need for affordable apartments with supportive care,” said Duane J. Vaughn, Executive Director at Shelters of Saratoga. “Access to health care, food, employment, and community services promotes self-sufficiency and stable housing.”

Known for their continued charitable giving in the Saratoga community, Ed and Lisa Mitzen formed Business for Good with a mission to invest in people to build better businesses, stronger communities, and a more equitable world.

“With a shared mission to fight housing instability in Saratoga Springs, Business for Good is honored to support Shelters of Saratoga in its effort to make an even greater impact in the community for those in need,” said Jahkeen Hoke, Business for Good Chief Executive Officer.

Shelters of Saratoga operates 11 affordable apartment units with support services for 16 residents in downtown Saratoga Springs. The agency recently purchased the former Spa Motel on Ballston Ave, Saratoga Springs. The 9-unit motel will open as part of the supportive housing program in 2023.

About The Business for Good Foundation
With values rooted in equity, access, opportunity, and prosperity, BFG has advanced the model of traditional venture philanthropy to Do Good and Give Back to communities in the Greater Capital Region of Albany. The foundation, formed in 2020, seeks to give back to move forward and is rooted in the core principle of “for good, not gain.” Comprised of a mission-focused team, The Business for Good FoundationTM believes no challenge is insurmountable through hard and thoughtful work. With a goal to provide businesses and organizations with sustained support, BFG invests in people for the long term and in every way. Business for Good: building better businesses, stronger communities, and a more equitable world.

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“I spent 7 months at the shelter during the pandemic. Now I spend my time teaching shelter guests how to cook.”

-John, Franklin Square resident